Friday, 5 November 2010

A woman's right to shoes

I have always been interested in shoes, and that has also been my greatest weakness for so many years. I have to admit that it is torture to walk in a shoe store and not buy any shoes, because I almost always seem to find something that catches my eye. So that is why I about a year ago decided to only buy shoes I fall in love with, and buy shoes with good quality that last longer. I have actually saved money by doing this, but in return I fall in love with shoes that are a bit expensive. Being a student means limited with money, but you can dream about your perfect shoes. I have made a top 5 list of shoes I really want, but that I can’t really afford at the moment. But I promise that some day I will buy these shoes, because for me it really is true love. 

 I have wanted Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane shoes for who knows how long. What is so great about these shoes is that they go with anything, casual or dressed up. And I happen to know for a fact that Manolo Blahnik shoes are very comfortable to wear, so even though they are expensive I believe they are worth it. Because Mr. Blahnik knows how to make shoes for the female foot.

I happen to be a fan of the brand Burberry, and of course I have found a pair of shoes I really want. Like the Mary Jane shoes they go with anything, and the heel is not too high so I believe that you can wear them for quite some time without pain. I even have the perfect outfit for these shoes.

 When I first saw these Dorothy Perkins Ribbon Tie shoes it really was love at first sight. These were actually not that expensive, but so far I haven’t found any shop that has my size. I guess that’s what it is like to be cursed with small feet, but hopefully one day I will find them. Because I can’t seem to get them out of my mind.


I actually just opened my eyes to Christian Louboutin, and I have to say that he has a lot of beautiful shoes. These shoes will be great on a night out with the girls, either dancing or for a drink. Or if you have a date they are a must.


 One of my flatmates, Alicia, showed me a website the other day, called Modatoi, where they have some very nice shoes. Of course, me being me, I found a pair and fell in love. Again. I have been looking for a pair of really nice purple sandals, and these just screamed my name. They are not expensive at all, so I might just buy myself a Christmas present soon.


  1. Hi, Camila I liked your blog very much and agree with you. Did you buy the shoes @ Modatoi? A friend of mine told me about it and I saw a pair of shoes I liked but do not know anyone who has ordered from that website and neither my friend does... just want to know if you bought the shoes and if you're happy with the quality of the product...Thank you. Maggie

  2. Those sandals are fabulous, hope you bought them...
    Have a lovely day.

  3. Anonymous - I haven't bought any of the shoes actually as I live on a student budget, but one day I will and then I will write a post about the quality and if I'm happy with the product etc. Sorry for the late reply, I hope you see this =)

    Sexylegsandbody - They really are fabulous but I'm afraid I'm still dreaming about them. One day though I will be a proud owner of these shoes =)

  4. anyone had an experience with modatoi? is this web safe to buy ??? anyone konws anything ???

  5. Anonymous - Modatoi is a very safe web page to buy from. They are reliable and the shoes are of good quality. Hope this was helpful =)


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