Monday, 29 November 2010

Stieg Larsson – Millennium trilogy, Part 2

The Girl who Played with Fire
(original title in Swedish: Flickan som lekte med elden)

Stieg Larsson is famous for his crime fiction novels, but his first fiction writing efforts was in science fiction. He was active in the Scandinavian SF society, where he was both a board member and chairman. In 1978-1979 he was president of the largest Swedish science fiction fan club, Skandinavisk Forening for Science Fiction (SFSF).

The Girl who Played with Fire is the second novel of the millennium trilogy and we meet Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander again. The two of them have not had contact since they tried to solve a mystery in the first novel, but Lisbeth is in constant contact with him through hacking his laptop. This is of course without his knowledge.
Mikael is approached by a young journalist named Dag Svensson and he is telling Mikael about his thesis about sex trafficking in Sweden and those in high office who abuse underage girls. Mikael immediately throws himself into the investigation, and Lisbeth keeps track of this investigation through hacking his hard drive. While plotting the punishment of these people Lisbeth finds herself in some serious trouble and to avoid being captured she disappears. Mikael finds out about Lisbeth and are desperately trying to clear her name and what he finds out during his investigation is rather shocking.

The second book of this trilogy is even better than the first one and you are left shocked with the ending. The third book is a direct continuation to this novel. You are left with more questions than answers and you will only be able to find the answers by reading the third novel. You will not be disappointed by reading this book, even though the first one was as amazing as it was. It is a couple of years since I read this trilogy and I can still remember the feeling I had after finishing this book. I cannot emphasise enough just how well written this book it. If you haven’t read it and it is not on your Christmas list this year, then it should be.  


  1. Hei,jeg har bøkene,de to første i allefall,men har sett filmene og da blir det ikke så jeg leser bøkene,har prøvd selge de på finn men ingen som er interessert.Jeg har så mye annet å lese som jeg da heller bruker tid på.Men det er utrolig bra ja.Regner med bøkene er mye bedre også enn filmen..

  2. Du bør lese bøkene! De er helt fantastiske! Jeg har faktisk ikke sett filmene fordi jeg liker bøkene så godt, men en dag blir det nok at jeg ser de allikevel. Men jeg anbefaler deg å lese de, du blir ikke skuffet, det lover jeg! =)


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