Tuesday, 2 November 2010

GBK – the greatest burger restaurant in London

If you like great burgers and you’re tired of McDonalds and Burger King, you should definitely try Gourmet Burger Kitchen, also known as GBK. I believe they have the best burgers I have ever had.

During our first year at university here in London, my friend Johanne took me to this amazing restaurant where she said that they truly had the best burgers. Of course I believed her, and since then GBK has become one of my favourite restaurants here in London. Today actually, Kjell Steinar and I had a double date with Johanne and Joachim at GBK, and of course we had such a great time.

My personal favourite is the Avocado Bacon burger, it is to die for, and the perfect side order is their chunky GBK fries with homemade garlic mayo dipping sauce. I’m almost getting hungry again just writing about it. On some of the burgers you can choose between two sizes, and they all come with salad and mayo and anything extra that is on your chosen burger. Trust me, it is so good it is difficult to stop eating even though you’re getting full.

GBK has more than burgers; they also have a few salads, chicken burgers, vegetarian options and even something for the kids. So it is the perfect place to bring the family, your friends or your date, you are guaranteed a great evening with superb food. Because GBK is more than just a great burger.


  1. yummy,yummy I can feel it in my tummy! Takk for en super aften:-)

  2. Jeg et fortsatt mett, og hvitløkssmaken sitter igjen enda. haha ;p Men godt var det!

  3. Selv takk for en super aften, Johanne. Dette må vi få til enda en gang før jul.
    Haha, kjenner følelsen, Kjell Steinar. Trenger ikke noe frokost enda, akkurat ;)


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