Tuesday, 16 November 2010

San Diego Ghost Tour

Old Towns Most Haunted
After some wonderful days in Los Angeles, the four drove to San Diego. I really liked this city so it was a shame that we were there for only a few days. But we did get to experience something spectacular, such as a Ghost Tour in Old Town San Diego.
In Old Town San Diego a man named Michael has a walking tour where he is showing people haunted places, such as the Whaley House. This is a house where he has seen ghosts and it is also here where he showed us a vortex.

I am actually quite scared when it comes to ghosts and the paranormal, but when Kjell Steinar and I found out that there was a ghost tour in San Diego we were both too curious not to go. So one night we showed up in Old Town, where the walking tour would start at 9pm. It was already dark outside and the atmosphere was scary from the beginning.
The tour is, as said, leaded by Michael who has been ghost haunting for ten years. He has been experiencing some paranormal activities in this area, and the tour was based on what he has experienced throughout these years.
I am not afraid to say that I believe in these things, so when he said that he had a ghost meter it scared me even more. Especially when Kjell Steinar was holding it and the lights were going crazy the minute he started holding it. What that meant was that he is easily responsive to this sort of activity, so I almost expected to find ghosts in our hotel room later. Thank god I didn’t.
As we were walking around Down Town and listening to Michael’s stories, it was very scary to actually hear and see the places he was talking about. Completely different than seeing it on TV. When he showed us pictures from ghosts it made everything even scarier. And when he showed us where he had seen ghosts we were hoping to see one as well, but of course we didn't. (Or should I say thank god to that as well?)
I actually really liked it, even though I was scared for quite some time after this. I can't say for sure if what we saw and felt had something to do with our mind playing tricks on us, but I actually believed everything. I would totally recommend doing this if you’re ever in San Diego, so just put on your brave face and experience something unique.


  1. dææ, hvem er han gærningen som tørr å holde i den blinkende maskinen? Råtass altså!

  2. Åjaa, han er en skikkelig råtass, skal jeg si deg ;)


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