Monday, 25 October 2010

London Underground

London is quite a huge city, and it is so much to see. The question is then how to get around easy without having to spend a lot of money on taxi? Well, the tube in London can take you anywhere you want in this city, and it is cheap and very easy. Once you’ve learned how to read the underground map, you can travel around London with your eyes closed.
When you get to London, you have to buy tickets in order to use the public transportation. You can buy a three day travel card, but if you’re in London for more than three days the Oyster Card might be the best option. All you have to do is buy the Oyster Card at a ticket stop or a tube station and say how much money you would like to top it up with. If you top up with £20 it should last for a few days. But if you want to be sure that you have the Oyster Card by the time you leave home, you can order it online and have it delivered to your home country. If you’re Norwegian, it will take about 5 to 8 working days to have it delivered to your home in Norway.
And then you’re ready to explore London! Like I said, it is very easy to understand the underground system once you’ve tried it and understood it. There are signs everywhere underground telling you which line you’re heading towards, and which stops are on the way. For instance, if you’re on the Bakerloo Line there are two choices; to go North or South in London. So you then have to look at the maps that are provided next to the stops, and all of the names of the stops are written there. So if you know which stop you’re going to, you simply find the name on the sign and choose the tube that is closest to that sign. I now see that this sounds stupid and complicated when you read it like this, but trust me, it is much easier when you’re actually here. So I guess you just have to come to this amazing city and find out for yourself just how easy the London Underground really is. 

It is quite hard to see the names of the tube stations on the picture above, but if you click on the link below you’ll see it much bigger and cleare. 

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