Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me

Just a little something to enjoy this Wednesday.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A woman’s right to have a dream basement

My dream bar!

Ever since I saw my old boss’ basement I have always thought it would be cool to have my own private bar. Usually basements are just a place where you store all of your stuff that you don’t need, but it can also be a nice place to spend time with friends and family.

My old boss from Bugatti has an amazing bar in her basement. It is not too big, white and with a mirror on the wall behind the bar. It is simply amazing and two of the years I was working there we had our work party there. Her bar gave me inspiration to start dreaming about this and I actually think it is a very smart and trendy way to remodel your dirty basement.

My aunt also has a small bar in her basement and it is so nice and cosy. I would love to be able to have a nice, cosy basement with a big sofa where we could gather all of our friends and simply have a good time, eating fantastic food and talk all night long.

I have to admit that a bar in the basement is not exactly a must-have in my dream house, but it is fun to dream about. It seems like this idea is becoming more popular these days and it really gives a new value to your house. But for now I can settle with dreaming about it, there’s no harm it that.

Monday, 28 March 2011


Leaving Singapore was actually a little sad. I loved everything about this place and during our seven hour flight to Sydney I was starting to plan my next visit to Singapore. It was a long flight and Johanne and I were tired when we finally arrived down under. We just wanted to get to our hotel and get some sleep before starting a new adventure.

When we arrived at our hotel in Singapore we thought the taxi driver had taken us to the wrong hotel. We thought the same in Sydney. Wake Up Sydney Hostel was nothing like the luxurious Atrium Holiday Inn and I really wish we had not chosen the cheapest hotel. But the lobby was actually rather nice, but the receptionist was scary. No one is that happy so late at night but fair enough. We finally got our room key and we could not stop laughing when we saw our room. It actually reminded me of a prison cell, with a bunk bed, nothing on the walls except an ugly vomiting green colour. At least we had a TV. After laughing for a while I thought that it could have been worse. After all, we did have a bed to sleep in, but I was beginning to worry what to expect the hostels in Cairns and Auckland would be like when this hostel had won the prise ‘Best hostel in the world’. And I was right to be worried.

But before that we had to experience Sydney. I could not believe how far away from home we were but our first dinner at Burger King sure was a life safer, and it tasted the same. What surprised me was how cold it was. Yes, I was aware that it was winter in Australia but our travel agent had told us that it wasn’t going to be that cold. It was and we were forced to buy some warm clothes. It was nowhere near a Norwegian summer, like she told us.

After a little shopping trip we were ready to see what Sydney had to offer. Our hostel was very central so we could walk to some of the main tourist attractions. The world’s biggest Imax cinema at Darling Harbour is a must and we ended up having a good time watching ‘The ultimate wave’ with the famous surfer Kelly Slater. There were a few restaurants at Darling Harbour and we decided that we wanted to treat ourselves to a steak dinner. We ended up at Angus Steak House at the Promenade and it was the best meal we had had in days. A little pricy but the food was delicious and the waitress was nice and helpful.

We also visited the Australian Museum where they had some interesting historical facts about this amazing country, and also a whole floor with dinosaurs. The Opera house is of course a must see, where you’ll have a great view of Sydney Harbour Bridge. We also took a walk in the Royal Botanic Gardens, which was a big beautiful park right next to the Opera House. It was so relaxing to walk here but as the sun was setting we saw several bats in the trees and decided that we did not want to spend the night there.

Bondi Beach is perhaps one of the most famous beaches in Sydney and even though it was winter and cold we decided that we wanted to visit. Bus 380 took us to the beach and it was so beautiful there. We ended up sitting there for a while but it was rather depressing to be at a beach wearing a lot of clothes because we were cold.

I liked Sydney but I do wish we had been there during their summer. I don’t really feel like I got to see the best side of this city. If I ever go back to Australia then I would like to go during November, when it is a lot warmer.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Barefoot Merlot – Red Wine

It’s finally Saturday and I thought I’d share with you my favourite red wine. I just have to say that I don’t know much about wine and what determines if it’s good or bad, but I have come to find that I really like this one. It’s called Barefoot Merlot.

This Californian wine is perfect for any occasion and especially when eating red meat. It is a decadent fruit filled combination of red cherry, boysenberry and plum. I am not a fan of very strong wines and I am happy to announce this wine is not. It one truly has the perfect combinations of berries that give it a nice round flavour. (Source)

So if you’re looking for a nice red wine to enjoy next to your meal this Saturday, then I would absolutely recommend Barefoot. It is quite cheap and in 2007 it was voted wine brand of the year.

Friday, 25 March 2011

T.G.I. Friday’s

Since it is Friday I thought it was suitable to come with a restaurant recommendation, and the perfect place to eat on a Friday is T.G.I. Friday’s on Leicester Square. It’s in the name, so it can’t be wrong.


When my parents are visiting T.G.I. Friday’s is always a restaurant where we end up having dinner. It has something for everyone and it’s the perfect place to bring the kids. As my brothers are still quite young it is important to find the good places where kids are welcome, and T.G.I. Friday’s truly is one such place.

T.G.I. Friday’s is an American restaurant chain focusing on casual dining, with over 1000 restaurants in over 51 countries. It is safe to say that this is a popular restaurant chain where the food is good and affordable. The menu is large with many different entrees so choose from. Friday’s is also known for its alcoholic beverages and their famous ‘ultimate’ drinks, and you will find a great selection of several different cocktails, wines and beers.

Like I said, their menu is large, but my personal favourite have to be their BBQ spare ribs. It comes in two different sizes and it’s even on the children’s menu. My brother, who’s 10, loves the ribs and he can’t get enough of it. Friday’s also have fajitas, sandwiches, steak, burgers and so much more. You are guaranteed to find something you like.

I really like this restaurant. The food is good, affordable and the service has always been good. The only negative issue I have is that the music is too loud. So bring your friends and family and have an excellent time while enjoying a good meal, because thank goodness it’s Friday. We all deserve it after a hard week.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Disney songs - welcome to my childhood memories

When I was a little girl I was obsessed with Disney films and the magic around them. After watching a Disney film I would walk around singing for the rest of the day, simply being happy. I still love Disney films, I think they are brilliant. So when I saw this youtube video yesterday so many fantastic memories were brought back and I started singing again. The songs of Disney films are so beautiful and timeless and I do not feel too old to enjoy them. So hope you’ll enjoy this little youtube video with a Disney medley starring the one man Disney show. Have a lovely Thursday, everyone! 

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane

It’s been a while since I’ve written about my shoes, one of my greatest passions. But for the past few days shoes are all I can think about. The weather in London is sunny and warm and it is finally time to hide the boots and winter coats in the back of my closet and bring out my pumps. Strutting down the street on my way to my university to hand in my crime fiction essay today simply made me happy because of the sun and the beautiful weather, but what made me most happy was to be able to wear one of my favourite pair of shoes. But like I said, shoes are all I can think about so I made a big mistake yesterday; I started looking for shoes online. I came across some great web pages where they had some great, cheap shoes, but there is one shoe in particular that I have been drooling over for years; the Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane.  It is so classy and beautiful and I was actually depressed yesterday because I can’t afford it. I know for a fact that Manolo’s are of great quality are very comfortable to wear, which is why I’m even considering buying these shoes. I even found a web page yesterday where they ship designer shoes outside of the USA, which turned me into a very dangerous shoeoholic. It was only a click away, but I didn’t do it. I have waited for years and I just want them more for each day that goes by. But I guess I can wait a little longer. So the day that I buy them is the day I know I can say that I’ve made it. That that simply can’t come fast enough.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A woman’s right to have a dream kitchen

My dream kitchen!
Last Tuesday I wrote about my dream closet and I realised that I am dreaming of so many other beautiful things for my dreams house that I want to share with you. So the next in line is my dream kitchen.


When I received the Stylish Blogger Award I revealed that I would really like to learn how to cook better. I would love to be one of those housewives who cook amazing food in her amazing kitchen and everyone knows that the food that’s being served for dinner is nothing less than delicious. And it all starts with having a good kitchen where you have everything you need and everything works.

My parents remodelled their kitchen last year, with a new oven and everything. It really is amazing, especially since their old oven was almost as old as I am. I guess you can imagine that it was past its best days; it would take almost 30 minutes just to get water to boil, which means that cooking something would take forever. Now it is like it should be and it is a dream to cook in their kitchen. And I think they think so too. And I want that in the future; a kitchen where you want to be and that’s welcoming.

I would love to have a slightly big kitchen, with an island in the middle with perhaps a couple of bar chairs where someone could sit to keep the chef company. In a way, I feel like I’m heading towards this. Of course not the actual kitchen, but with the accessories. Kjell Steinar and I bought a coffee machine a few weeks ago, we just bought a hand mixer with a bowl and not long ago I started collecting products from a series called Rosendahl. You have to start with the small things and I have to admit that I cannot wait to see how everything will turn out in the end.

Do you have a dream kitchen? How does it look like?

Monday, 21 March 2011

Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

Like I expressed yesterday, Singapore is such an amazing place and one of my favourite attractions that we did while we were there was visiting the famous Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. I decided that this deserved its own post, it was that amazing!

After the worst taxi ride I have ever taken we arrived to the zoo. Apparently the taxi drivers have not heard of speed limits, or they are simply ignoring them. I felt like it was a miracle that we got to the zoo in one piece.

But when we got there I was amazed over how beautiful everything was. The zoo is set in a rainforest environment and this zoo has become famous for its ‘open concept’. The barriers are hidden so you don’t feel like you are in a zoo but out in the wilderness surrounded by all the spectacular animals. You fill find over 2500 specimens from 315 species where 29% of these are threatened. The zoo is also a designated rescued wildlife centre by the governing authority and it really is no wonder why this is the pride of Singapore.

Johanne and I spent hours here, walking around and getting to know many of the animals. It really did feel like we were in a rainforest and the animals looked comfortable in the environment they were in. Perhaps they also felt like they were not in captivity surrounded by barriers that limits their every move. This is without a doubt the best zoo I’ve ever visited. Apes, elephants, kangaroos, lions, hyenas, and white tigers are only some of the animals you’ll see.

After the zoo closes at six you have an hour to eat and relax before the Night Safari opens. This is a chance for you to experience the animals at night where they graze and hunt their night away. You were here being taken on a ride in attached safari cars where a guide told us about the animals we saw. After a while we were free to walk on our own before taking the car back. The whole experience gave me a Jurassic Park feeling, only without the dinosaurs. In was an amazing experience and I’m so glad we got to experience both the zoo and the night safari. You cannot take pictures inside the safari as the flash of the camera might frighten the animals, but it really gave the experience more credibility.

There was also some entertainment outside the safari, also known as the Thumbuakar, the fire-eating, acrobatic male dancers who knew how to entertain. It was the perfect beginning to our night to see this show and you could tell they were having fun acting on stage.

This is a must experience attraction when visiting Singapore and it really is fun for everyone. When we talked to some people we met while sightseeing they told us to not miss the zoo and night safari and I am now saying the same thing. It truly is amazing and it will be a day you won’t forget.

Sunday, 20 March 2011


After spending six days in Beijing and experiencing the exciting culture there it was time for our second stop on our journey; Singapore. I had really been looking forward to visit this place, but I didn’t know what to expect. After spending nearly a week in a city where no one really understood you I was excited to see how the people of Singapore would welcome us and I was very pleasantly surprised.

After a long taxi queue at the airport Johanne and I found ourselves on our way to our hotel. When booking this holiday we took the cheapest hotels we could find on all our destinations so when the taxi driver brought us to the Atrium Holiday Inn Hotel I was sure it was the wrong hotel. It was like a dream come true; the hotel was gorgeous, the staff was friendly and the rooms were big and almost quite luxurious. Even though this was the beginning of our seven week holiday we needed this treat and little did I know that the days I spent in Singapore would give me an adventure I’m longing to go back to.

Singapore has a lot to offer for everyone. The Singapore Flyer is the world’s biggest observation wheel, taking you 165 meters over the ground. There really is no better way to see this magnificent city. We woke up early so that we would be there when it opened and we ended up having a car entirely for ourselves.

The climate in Singapore is very warm with high humidity so Johanne and I always made sure we had water with us before leaving the hotel. May and June are the hottest months and we were there in the beginning of June. As we did a lot of walking we got to see quite a lot of this amazing place. The National Museum of Singapore was one of our first stops and we learned a lot of the history to this country here. We were also walking along the Singapore River, where we found many restaurants and cafes that we wanted to try out during our stay.

Raffles Hotel is Singapore’s most elegant hotel with several restaurants and bars and it is located right in the central of Singapore. Being backpackers and not bringing our finest clothes we decided not to try and have a look inside, but it looked very elegant from where we were standing. The Sultan Mosque was not far away from Raffles Hotel, a beautiful mosque in a lovely little neighbourhood with cute little shops.

Singapore Botanic Gardens is a must when visiting Singapore and entrance is free. It is a huge garden surrounded with beautiful flowers and waterfalls where the atmosphere is calming and relaxing. They are famous for their orchid garden, with over 1000 different kinds of beautiful orchids.

Sentosa Island is a playground for children in all ages with beautiful sand beaches and several attractions. A free shuttle bus from our hotel took us to this amazing place and we thought we had entered heaven. Universal Studios, spa, Underwater World, Jewel Cable Car ride, MegaZip Adventure Park and Tiger Sky Tower are only a few of the many attractions on this playground. You will also find the southern most point of continental Asia on this island.

I would without a doubt recommend Singapore to everyone. It is the perfect place to spend your holiday. I feel like Johanne and I have discovered a hidden pearl and I would love to go back someday. It is perfect for families, friends and couples. It really was a romantic and fun place where the shopping possibilities were endless and the food was cheap and tasty. If you’re wondering where to spend your holiday this summer, then I suggest you check out Singapore. You won’t regret it.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

My favourite movie quotes

I love to watch film and there are so many amazing quotes that get stuck in my head. I thought I would share some of my favourite movie quotes with you from some of my favourite films. There are probably so many more amazing quotes but these were the ones I could think of at this moment. I have to admit, some of these are quotes I actually say from time to time in a sentence and you end up having a laugh with your friends because you have good memories from this film. Hope you’ll enjoy this and have a very lovely Thursday!

Well, I can’t colour enough. I could colour all day every day. If I had my way, I would use every crayon in my box.
-          Samantha, in  Sex and the City, the movie

Wanna know how I got these scars?
-          The Joker, in  The Dark Knight

Sorry boss, but there's only two men I trust. One of them's me. The other's not you.  
-          Cameron Poe, in  Con Air

What makes you think you can just walk in there and take whatever you want?
They’re called boobs, Ed.
-          Ed Masry and Erin Brockovich, in  Erin Brockovich

Fifty bucks, Grandpa. For seventy-five, the wife can watch.
-          Kit, in Pretty Woman

Nobody puts Baby in a corner.
-          Johnny, in  Dirty Dancing

Tell me about it, stud.
-          Sandy, in  Grease

I sing you to me, Mrs. Boss.
-          Nullah, in  Australia

The name is Bond. James Bond.
-          James Bond, in all the James Bond films

I bought the airline. It seemed neater.
-          Saito, in Inception

I do wish we could chat longer, but I’m having an old friend for dinner. Bye.
-          Hannibal Lecter, in The Silence of the Lambs

I feel the need. The need for speed.
-          Maverick, in Top Gun

Honey, I have to go. I am pulling up my panties to get to a lunch date.
-          Samantha Jones, in Sex and the City 2

What's your favourite movie quote?

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Angus Steak House

A good steak can be difficult to find, especially if you don’t know where to look. Angus Steak House in London has, in my opinion, the best steak in town. This restaurant chain is everywhere in central London, you can’t miss it.

Steaks are usually a bit pricy but if the meat is good then you feel like it is worth it anyway. At least I do. There is nothing worse then to eat out and you’re sitting there feeling like the food is an utter failure. I have been to Angus Steak House a few times and I have always been satisfied. The steak is cooked to perfection. As this is a tad pricy restaurant it is a shame that you have to pay for fries and other side orders but if you are looking for quality meat then I believe this is the place. We all deserve to spoil ourselves every now and then.

Like I said, Angus Steak House is everywhere in central London, especially around Piccadilly, Leicester Square and Covent Garden. It is a very popular restaurant so there might be some waiting time. I would absolutely eat there again; I have some very good memories from a dinner date with my boyfriend there. My parents had dinner here when they were visiting a couple of weeks ago and they had nothing but good words to say about this place. So enjoy a classy night out in London, starting with a great meal at Angus Steak House.  

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A woman’s right to have a dream closet

My dream closet!

I find myself often dreaming about the perfect house with the perfect kitchen and my nerdy library, but I’m also dreaming about my perfect walk-in closet. I don’t know if I’ll ever live in a house where this is possible but I find it hard to not dream about it.

I think it was my big love for the TV show Sex and the City and truly opened my mind for this idea. Carrie and I share the same passion; shoes, we both have a lot of shoes (of course she has a lot more than I do). I can simply never get enough and I would love to have them all in the same place.

It is the same with clothes. I like to think that I don’t have a lot of clothes, but like so many girls out there I think I do. I just never feel like I have anything to wear and that can truly be a pain in the morning when I’m getting dressed. But I can actually picture myself walking in my closet trying to figure out what to wear to work and trying on the perfect shoes to style up the outfit and I feel happy. Yes, I know I’m perhaps a little freak for saying this, but when I first start dreaming it is hard to not get carried away.

Like I said, it was watching Sex and the City that made me start dreaming, and especially when the first film came out. The walk-in closet Big is building for Carrie, oh my god, dreamy! It is so beautiful and classic and it is something like that I want. I also like the closet they have in the second film, it is so pretty. Perhaps someday I can have that too. I guess I just have to keep dreaming.

What do you think of the pictures of these walk-in closets? Do you have any dreams like that?

Monday, 14 March 2011

Featuring me.

I have been featured on Christianna’s lovely blog The Girl with the Blue Bow. I felt so honoured when she asked me if she could interview me for her blog, this is the first time someone has asked me to do this and of course I said yes. Her blog is fantastic so make sure you check it out. I also hope you’ll enjoy reading my interview, you can read it here. Thank you again, Christianna, for featuring me on your blog.

Smell Like A Monster

Last Monday I started the week by showing you a video I think is very funny, so I thought I’d show you another funny video this week. I think it is a good idea to watch the video I posted last week before watching this one as they link together. You can find it here and I hope you’ll enjoy this one too. And have a very lovely week, everyone. Enjoy!  

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Tate Modern & Millennium Bridge

Kjell Steinar and I decided to experience something new about London yesterday and we ended up at Tate Modern, a modern art gallery that is the most-visited art gallery in the world. About 4.7 million people visits it every year where they can observe the famous art dating back to the early 1900’s with their own eyes.

We travelled on the Central Line on the London Underground in order to get to Tate Modern and came to find that the closest tube stop was St. Paul’s. It is then only a short walk to the gallery and you get to cross the famous Millennium Bridge. Entry is free except for major exhibitions and it is open every day.

I honestly have to admit that I don’t really know much about art, so I didn’t know what to look for in the gallery and how to take it all in. Kjell Steinar and I were walking around for a while and the only artist we had heard of was Picasso. He had a few paintings there on level three that were interesting; Nude, green leaves and bust and the three dancers are a couple of the paintings that were there. You are not allowed to take pictures inside the gallery so I’m afraid I don’t have any personal photos to show for, but the photo I have here is from Google.

Like I said, I don’t know much about art so it wasn’t really that interesting for me to visit Tate Modern. But there were a lot of people there and as it is a very popular I’m assuming it is a very good and interesting gallery for people who know art. So if you’re an art person then I would recommend visiting Tate Modern.

Millennium Bridge is right next to Tate Modern and it is a steel suspension bridge for pedestrians crossing the River Thames. The bridge was opened in 2000 but closed again after a few days. People who were walking on this bridge said that they felt some uncomfortable swaying motion and the bridge was closed for another two years while modifications were made to eliminate the wobbly entirely. The nickname for this bridge is now Wobbly Bridge.

Friday, 11 March 2011


My aunt and her boyfriend came to London last week and I was so excited to finally be able to spend some time with her here. Kjell Steinar and I had been talking about visiting Monument and I was thrilled that my aunt wanted to join us.

Monument is a monument to the Great Fire of London that happened in 1666. It is 61 metres tall and it is placed in the area of where the fire that devastated the city started. It is very easy to get there on the London Underground as the closest tube stop is called Monument on the District and Circle Line. It is also only a short walk away from Tower Bridge.

You can actually climb the staircase to the top of the Monument for £3 and you will experience a fantastic view of London. It is open every day from 9.30-17.30. To reach the top of the Monument you have to climb 311 steps on a winding staircase and when you get downstairs again you will receive a diploma for being able to walk up and down. I thought this was so fun and I think that they should consider giving out diplomas to the people who are walking the stairs up the Eiffel Tower in Paris too.

I really enjoyed visiting the Monument; it was something different than what I would consider a typical tourist attraction in London. The view was wonderful and the attraction itself was not pricy at all. I would absolutely recommend visiting this place and the area itself is also a beautiful place in London. I’m so glad my aunt wanted to experience this and after our little visit Kjell Steinar and I introduced them to Nando’s and I was so pleased to hear that they liked it.
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