Monday, 22 November 2010

San Diego

On our trip this summer, our second stop in America was San Diego. It is south in California and very close to the Mexican border. It is very popular to take a day trip down to Tijuana, but unfortunately we did not have time to do that.
As we rented a car in LA we started our amazing road trip to our next destination, San Diego. It was only going to take about two and a half hours, but the traffic was horrible. There were about seven lanes to drive in and we used about four hours. It was mental, but we eventually came to San Diego and the next stop for us then was to find a hotel. We hadn’t booked anything before we got there, but it really wasn’t a problem. The first hotel we tried was full, but there were plenty in the neighbourhood so we tried a hotel called Days Inn.  It was perfect for us; it was cheap, central, free parking, free internet and complimentary breakfast. We really could not ask for something better. It was the perfect start of our stay in this city, and it got even better when we went out to dinner that night and found a Chinese restaurant on 6th Avenue called Pho Xpress, where they have the best sweet & sour chicken I have ever had.

What I really liked about San Diego was that it was not as big as Los Angeles. We could actually walk between places and that was nice. But it was still a lot to see and the perfect way to see everything was to buy tickets for the Old Town Trolley. It is a hop on hop off bus and it literally took you everywhere worth seeing. It is 11 stops and I sure had a lot of fun. I particularly found it interesting when we drove to this small island just outside of San Diego, called Coronado, which has one of the most beautiful beaches in California. Unfortunately it was a little too cold for us to take advantage of this, which took me by surprise considering we were there in July. You also get a beautiful picturesque view of downtown San Diego from this island.
You can also find the famous Hotel Del Coronado on this island, which is a beachfront luxury hotel. It is also famous from being the hotel Marilyn Manroe’s film Some Like it Hot.

After spending some time here we hopped on the trolley again and we got to see Little Italy, where we had an incredible lunch just by the trolley stop, Old Town San Diego where they had a market and at night time a ghost tour and Balboa Park where the zoo is. This was just to mention a few, but there were a few stops we didn’t have time to go off on, such as the Maritime Museum and Seaport Village. These two stops will then be on my to-do list the next time I’m there.

Next to seeing all of this there is also room for shopping. Westfield shopping centre was just a small walk from our hotel and you could really find everything there. It was more of an outdoor shopping centre, which was kind of cool. We also had dinner at the renowned Hard Rock Café and I also have to mention our visit to Sea World, which you should not miss if you’re ever in San Diego.

I really liked it here and I believe this is a city for families to visit, with or without children. It is a lot to do with both shopping and beaching and I really want to go back sometime. I consider that as a positive thing. 

All of the pictures are my own. 


  1. hahaha, det ser ut som at de du var på tur med ikke er helt i vater. For noen bilder!! ;p

  2. Jeg har aldri vært i vater men det visste dere før vi dro så det er dessverre ingen refusjon:-)


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