Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Sea World San Diego

As we were only staying in San Diego for a few days we all thought it was important to see the one thing that San Diego is famous for; Sea World. There are of course more to San Diego than Sea World, but you do not visit this city without going there, because it truly was spectacular.
 Sea World really isn’t far from central San Diego, but since we had a car we drove there. It did not take longer than 15 minutes. I was very excited when we got there because I had heard wonderful things about the famous killer whale Shamu.  

 In February this year one of the killer whales fatally dragged and thrashed a trainer, raising questions about ethics and the danger of keeping large ocean predators in captivity.  Sea World was closed for a while, but when we were there in July it had opened again. I am not going to hide that it was rather affecting to be there knowing what had happened a few months back, but everything seemed normal.

Looking away from the tragedy, I had a great time this day. Like many other big attractions (See LA) we ended up spending the whole day here. The only sad thing was that many of the shows were at the same time so you would have to choose which ones you wanted to go to the most. The first one we saw was the famous Shamu show, and oh my god, I thought it was amazing. The show is called Believe.

 A killer whale is not a very small animal, and what the trainers had trained them to do was truly fantastic. I can understand why the show is so popular and I am really glad I’ve seen it. I wanted a Shamu for my self, and my lovely boyfriend actually bought me one; a stuffed animal that is, and I love it!

Next to seeing the Shamu show we also saw the dolphin show and that one was fairly new. We were so lucky as to see the killer dolphins as well who was only there for a short period of time. They didn’t really look like dolphins but they were still amazing, like the rest of the show. It was very acrobatic with stunts from the people participating in it, and I kind of wish we got to see more of the dolphins.

 These were the two shows that we got to see, but there was much more to do there. You could walk around and look at the animals, and I became particularly fascinated with the penguins and the turtles. They also had a shark tank with many small sharks. You could also see sea lions, sea stars and beluga just to mention a few. There are also several gift shops and restaurants, and what we came to find was that the queue was way long on all of them when wanted to eat. I would recommend eating when there is a show as there is not a long queue then.
All in all I really liked Sea World and I would recommend it to anyone who’s going to San Diego to spend a day here. It is perfect for kids in all ages. 

All of the pictures are my own.

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