Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Lake Havasu

After a few days in San Diego, Johanne, Joachim, Kjell Steinar and I were back in the car and on the road again. We were then driving out of California and in to the state of Arizona. The journey was long and it was nothing to see. We were driving in the middle of nowhere, but we had a map so knew where we were going.

We drove for about six hours and all we saw was nothing. It was a long, straight road and we could tell that we weren’t in California anymore. We did see a few cactuses, which was kind of fun, and when we were stopped by border control in what felt like the desert I thought I was going to laugh. But we could keep on driving, because we knew where we had our passports and papers.

In the end Lake Havasu arrived in the horizon and I was surprised over how little it was and how many different shops there were. I don’t really have an answer to how everything makes it, but it must be a slightly popular city. According to Google Lake Havasu is well known for its recreational fishing and boating, which bring in 3.5 million visitors a year. Fishing tournaments are also often held on the lake. Well, I guess there is the answer; it is quite a popular destination.

It is not much to see in Lake Havasu, but this is the place to go to see the old London Bridge.
This bridge was purchased and moved by Robert Paxton McCulloch, the first owner of Lake Havasu. Today there is a luxurious London Bridge Resort, where they only have suites. This was of course too expensive for us, even though it was tempting. But there were more hotels there and because we were so pleased with Days Inn in San Diego we found one here as well.

 Walking outside here was painful, to say the least. It was 48 degrees Celsius when we were there, and July is also the hottest month there.  It was not fun to walk for five minutes and I have never experienced such heat. But after a little walk down to the bridge and to one of the local shops to buy a lot of water we all were in the pool for the rest of the day. Now that was nice. Then I felt like I could breathe again.

After a couple of hours in the pool we walked to a Chinese restaurant not too far from our hotel. The sunset was beautiful but it was still extremely hot outside. The food was actually pretty good, an all-you-can-eat buffet and as much as you can drink. I thought that this was an interesting stop during our road trip; it was nice to experience something different. But this is not a place I would stay for a week on holiday, unless I’m interested in fishing. We were just stopping on our way to something grand. 

All of the pictures are my own. 


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