Sunday, 19 December 2010

Gingerbread men making

There will be no Christmas without some homemade gingerbread and this Christmas I decided to make some for the first time in a few years. My youngest brother Adrian was happy to help and we ended up having a great time.

When I was a little girl we always made homemade gingerbread men, it was a tradition. But as I got older and my brothers came to this world, it seemed like we never had enough time to do everything we wanted to. As my brothers get older we have time to do so much more as they can help more and I have a feeling this is going to be a great Christmas.

There are many different recipes for gingerbread men, but we bought dough that was already finished. It is actually just as good in my opinion and it saves times so you can do much more Christmas preparations. I also think that Christmas is for kids and I love seeing how happy my brothers are during this time of the year as they are excited about everything.

So as I said, Adrian and I ended up making gingerbread men and we had a lot of fun. And I could definitely feel the Christmas spirit. With only five days left until Christmas Eve we have some treats in the house now, as we made quite a lot, and they were delicious. 

All of the pictures are my own

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  1. Hei Camilla og Adrian.Så flinke dere har vært da. Så godt ut ja.Håper dere ikke spiste for mye deig da,det pleier jeg å gjøre nemlig.


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