Sunday, 5 December 2010

Bella Italia

There are many restaurants in London, and I thought it was about time that I write about one of my favourites. It is the Italian restaurant called Bella Italia and I had the most romantic evening there yesterday.

Bella Italia is a chain restaurant and is located on several different locations in London. In Leicester Square you will find two of them, and that is where we had dinner yesterday. Central London is so nice these days with the Christmas lights and walking around before dinner is the perfect way to start your evening.

Bella Italia is a very popular restaurant and the chances are you have to queue a few minutes to get a table. But it is worth it. The atmosphere is wonderful with Italian music playing softly in the background and you almost feel like you’re in Italy. It is actually very romantic. The waiters are nice and helpful and even though it is busy with many people you still feel relaxed.

The food is amazing and the prices aren’t bad either. Kjell Steinar and I had a three course meal with wine for £20 per person and we did not leave hungry. As antipasti, or starter, we shared garlic dough sticks with cheese, and as main course we both had pizza that was made in the perfect Italian style with thin crust. My favourite pizza would be Carne Mista, it truly is marvellous. In an Italian restaurant you almost expect there to be Tiramisu for dessert, at least I do. And Bella Italia does not disappoint; their Tiramisu is almost to die for and truly the best one I have had in London. You would have to go to Italy to have better dessert.

Next to having the perfect romantic evening, it is also perfect to bring your family. Bella Italia has a kids menu where children can have a main course, dessert and a drink for only £5.25. I have been here with my parents and my brothers and I have rarely seen my brothers finish their spaghetti so quickly.

I would recommend this restaurant for everyone who lives in London or who is here to visit. It truly is amazing. And if there are guys who are reading this, then please take your girl out for a romantic evening here. I sure had the best date there with my man. 


  1. I feel much the same about the Bella Italia London restaurants. Their Pizza is great and the atmosphere is always warm and welcoming, what's more their prices are very reasonable.

  2. I could not agree more. I love their pizza, it is so good and like you said, their prices are very reasonable =) I think Bella Italia is my favourite restaurant here in London.

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