Saturday, 18 December 2010

Home for Christmas

Yesterday I came home to my beautiful but cold hometown Trondheim. It was nice to come home and see all the snow outside and actually get the Christmas spirit from it. And of course it was nice to see my parents and my brothers again.

I didn’t do much yesterday as my brothers had so much to tell me from the last three months I’ve been away, and they talked and talked and talked but it was nice. My youngest brother had made me a small paper bag with a homemade gingerbread man inside.  He gave it to me the minute I walked through the door. I was touched and I was really glad to finally be home.

My mum, my other brother and I went to City Syd today, which is a shopping centre here in Trondheim. My mum had a couple of more presents to buy and as we were walking in the stores if was clear that everyone was busy doing their Christmas shopping. Norwegian people are spending more money than ever on Christmas presents this year, and especially this weekend. This is according to Adressa.

When we got home, I took Nils-Morten, my oldest youngest brother, outside and we took some pictures of the snow in my neighbourhood, just for fun. We were outside for about ten minutes, and when we went inside again I realised just how cold it was. My hands were freezing as I did not wear any gloves when using my camera. I’m truly not in London anymore.

I hope everyone is enjoying this pre-Christmas time with their loved ones. 

All of the pictures are my own


  1. kult nils-morten hahahahahahahahahahaha.

  2. halla nilsi hilsen aleks

  3. kult london er kult men har aldri vært der :(


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