Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A woman’s right to buy a Christmas gift for herself

Yes, I could not help but spend some money on myself just before Christmas, and I bet that it comes as no surprise to the people who know me well that I spent them on new shoes. I honestly have to admit that I don’t need new shoes, I just really wanted them. When I tried them on I could not believe how comfortable they were. In London, shoes like this are very popular now and you see people everywhere wearing something similar like the ones I bought. I bought these shoes at River Island, which is a clothing store which also has shoes and accessories. If you’re going shopping in London I would recommend visiting River Island. Anyway, when I asked the sales lady if they had the shoes in my size, which is a 36, she said they only had one pair left. It was meant to be and I was in love. She also emphasised just how popular they are these days and that they have to order more sizes quite often. I have been wearing them outside and I do not regret buying them. They truly are comfortable and perfect for when it is not too cold outside. They are no Norwegian winter shoes, but perfect for London. So Merry Christmas to me, and I hope everyone out there has a lovely time before Christmas as well. 

Also see this website for more from River Island


  1. De var utrolig kule! Jeg vil også ha!

  2. Ikke sant? Jeg er så fornøyd. Men da er det bare en ting for deg å gjøre da; løp og kjøp! :D Er det noen som fortjener å kjøpe en liten ting til seg selv så er det deg ;)

  3. Hei,de så skikkelig kule ut ja.Ikke akkurat nå bombe at du kjøpte deg skotøy nei ;-) Men det gjorde du rett i,du fortjener det nok.Carrie ville ment det hun også :-)

  4. Åååååååååå du er så søt! Ikke si sånn da for da går du plutselig hjem uten sko neste torsdag;-)


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