Thursday, 24 March 2011

Disney songs - welcome to my childhood memories

When I was a little girl I was obsessed with Disney films and the magic around them. After watching a Disney film I would walk around singing for the rest of the day, simply being happy. I still love Disney films, I think they are brilliant. So when I saw this youtube video yesterday so many fantastic memories were brought back and I started singing again. The songs of Disney films are so beautiful and timeless and I do not feel too old to enjoy them. So hope you’ll enjoy this little youtube video with a Disney medley starring the one man Disney show. Have a lovely Thursday, everyone! 


  1. It is so funny how often I find myself belting out in to one if something reminds me of it, haha!

  2. Too funny!
    I love Disney songs... I have a little 7 year old brother and whenever I go home, we sing together :)

  3. Hey there,
    I'm tagging you to participate in the ask me anything game :) I hope you will "play along" :)

  4. this may seem like a dumb question but is he really doing all the singing? i mean, if so, he is too awesome. if not, it's still really awesome! loved it!

  5. Claire - I know, it's amazing =)

    Krystal - Haha, I'm exactly the same =)

    Twenty.Something - My brothers are 7 and 10 and I have watched so many Disneyfilms with them and we always end up having a good time =)

    Sweetened by Kagi - Haha, what a funny game! I might actually play along =)

    Oh to be a Muse - I actually think he is. But like you said; either way it's awesome =)

  6. This reminds me of dancing around with my sisters in costume when we wree younger haha! Love it!

  7. btw, ni shared this with my friends on FB and they LOVED it.

  8. Wow, that was fun to watch! My favorite part, when they were singing "When You Wish Upon A Star" and the guy in the middle held up that silver star :P And this all after just getting back from Disneyland!

    Oh, and yes I have been to Universal Studios, it's quite a blast!


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