Monday, 21 March 2011

Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

Like I expressed yesterday, Singapore is such an amazing place and one of my favourite attractions that we did while we were there was visiting the famous Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. I decided that this deserved its own post, it was that amazing!

After the worst taxi ride I have ever taken we arrived to the zoo. Apparently the taxi drivers have not heard of speed limits, or they are simply ignoring them. I felt like it was a miracle that we got to the zoo in one piece.

But when we got there I was amazed over how beautiful everything was. The zoo is set in a rainforest environment and this zoo has become famous for its ‘open concept’. The barriers are hidden so you don’t feel like you are in a zoo but out in the wilderness surrounded by all the spectacular animals. You fill find over 2500 specimens from 315 species where 29% of these are threatened. The zoo is also a designated rescued wildlife centre by the governing authority and it really is no wonder why this is the pride of Singapore.

Johanne and I spent hours here, walking around and getting to know many of the animals. It really did feel like we were in a rainforest and the animals looked comfortable in the environment they were in. Perhaps they also felt like they were not in captivity surrounded by barriers that limits their every move. This is without a doubt the best zoo I’ve ever visited. Apes, elephants, kangaroos, lions, hyenas, and white tigers are only some of the animals you’ll see.

After the zoo closes at six you have an hour to eat and relax before the Night Safari opens. This is a chance for you to experience the animals at night where they graze and hunt their night away. You were here being taken on a ride in attached safari cars where a guide told us about the animals we saw. After a while we were free to walk on our own before taking the car back. The whole experience gave me a Jurassic Park feeling, only without the dinosaurs. In was an amazing experience and I’m so glad we got to experience both the zoo and the night safari. You cannot take pictures inside the safari as the flash of the camera might frighten the animals, but it really gave the experience more credibility.

There was also some entertainment outside the safari, also known as the Thumbuakar, the fire-eating, acrobatic male dancers who knew how to entertain. It was the perfect beginning to our night to see this show and you could tell they were having fun acting on stage.

This is a must experience attraction when visiting Singapore and it really is fun for everyone. When we talked to some people we met while sightseeing they told us to not miss the zoo and night safari and I am now saying the same thing. It truly is amazing and it will be a day you won’t forget.


  1. Singapore looks amazing. My hubs flies there (pilot for Emirates) and says he really wants to take me so I guess we'll be going as soon as its possible. Can't wait after reading your posts PS: loving the blog header ;D Shah .X

  2. Looks so much fun!! I spent a month is Thailand & Hong Kong last summer... I think Singapore needs to be next on my list!

    Have a great day!

  3. Oh!! I would LOVE to go this Zoo and Night Safari, it sounds spectacular! The photos are gorgeous and the animals are adorable.


  4. What a great zoo!! Really spectacular! It looks like an amazing experience!
    Thank you dear!

  5. Those white tigers looks so majestic. Really cool open concept rainforest structure, sounds like another amazing place I will have to put on my list to visit! ;)

  6. Wow! I miss this so much:-) especially now. Your new layout looks great honey. I really, REALLY like it!

  7. I would spook myself out at night in a zoo! But that sounds awesome, so I'd do it!!

  8. You seriously have the coolest life EVER! I love going to zoos, so I am incredibly envious and in awe of this experience!! xo

  9. I've only been to Singapore as a stopover on the airport, so I hope I get a chance to visit someday (considering I lived in Asia, its tragic I never went). Thanks for sharing these pictures.. the zoo looks amazing and so do those fire-eaters!

    Lovely blog by the way! Greetings from a fellow Londoner :)

  10. OMG I love animals! Great photos!

  11. Hei,så flott det så ut,jeg er ikke så begeistret for dyrehager,men denne så skikkelig fin ut.Virker som de gjør ting skikkelig i Singapor og at alt skal være rent å fint.Det kan jeg like!Så mye spennende du har opplevd til nå,bare tenk på hvor mye mer du kommer til å oppleve,Camilla.Fremtiden er spennende! Hvor kunne du tenkt deg å reise neste gang? Karin

  12. Wow this looks so fun!! Love the pics, oh and PS I like your new header!

  13. wow! love the zoo and great photos. especially like the photo of the white tigers.

  14. Shah - Singapore is such a romantic place, I think you and your husband would have a great time there! It reallt is beautiful. And thank you, glad you like the new header =)

    Twenty.Something - I would love to go to both Thailand and Hong Kong. Slightly jealous now, hihi. But you shoul def go to Singapore some day, it's absolutely amazing =)

    Rachel - It really was spectacular, and it sounds like you would have had a great time there too =)

    Dimi - It was a great experience, I have the best memories from this place =)

    Katie - The white tigers are my favourite, they are so gorgeous. You should def put this on your list ;)

    Comewhinewithme - I know, I miss it too. Too much, I think, because I dream about it all the time. Thank you sweetie, it makes me so happy to hear you like the new layout :D

    Krystal - The experience is worth it, trust me, I get scared all the time, haha =)

    Jennifer Fabulous - Aww, thank you. No one has ever said that to me before =) Zoos are really amazing, I love going to them too =)

    Haute World - I hope you get a chance to visit someday too, I loved Singapore. But it is so cool that you lived in Asia, that must have been so interesting. Hope to hear more from you in the future =)

    Roxy Heart - Thank you, I love animals too =)

    Tante Karin - Alt i Singapore var helt fantastisk, de bryr seg virkelig om landet sitt og alt de har å tilby. Jeg føler meg veldig heldig som har vært der. Og jeg gleder meg masse til å finne ut hva fremtiden har å tilby. Det er så mange steder jeg kunne tenkt meg å reise, blir nesten vanskelig å velge. Men en plass spennende der jeg får oppleve noe nytt =)

    Ashley - It was a lot of fun too. And thank you, glad you like the new header =)

    Claire - The white tigers are beautiful, they are my favourite =)


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