Thursday, 3 March 2011


I have been a huge fan of this series for years and to think that its popularity is still growing so many years after it was written is extraordinary. I used to be stuck to the TV when I was a kid during Christmas as a Norwegian TV channel would send the Narnia series and I absolutely fell in love with the story. When I found out it was based on books I simply had to have them and fell even more in love with this. C.S. Lewis’ fantasy is amazing and stories like this is not written anymore with the same dedication and spirit and in my opinion the Narnia series should be classified as classics.

To be able to open a door no another world is every child’s dream. At least it was my dream and to find out that it is not possible can make the sanest person angry. It is over 60 years since the first Narnia book was published, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It has touched so many, both children and adults, and I think it is the astonishing fantasy that is the main source.

The story is rather simple; it is ordinary children who are being presented to a magical world where Father Christmas makes an appearance and the lion Aslan is a saviour who dies and then rises again. Greek mythology is also present and also the legend of King Arthur sneaks in. For children this is a story that has fantasy that they had never even dreamt of imagining but for adults it has history and mythology and hidden secrets.

The universe of Narnia is a place I do not regret crawling into and the books are truly fantastic on so many different levels. It can bring joy to kids of all ages and I believe that its popularity will continue to grow with the years. But if you are ever tired of this world or need a break you can always crawl back out of the wardrobe and join our world again. Just make sure you are not too old the next time you try to enter and that you keep the little child within you.


  1. This is one of my fave series of books :) takes me back to my childhood :)

    Love, Vanilla

  2. I know the story of this series but i dont think i ever actually read the book, i think I must x

  3. I always loved this series too, and the movies!

  4. I used to love these books:)
    Have a great day...

  5. I have always loved the series too! I was super excited when the movies came out... although they can't compare to the books.

  6. I saw the play "Shadowlands" in the theater a decade ago: it's the true story of C.S. Lewis's romance in old age. Very moving.

  7. Great post! thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely comment!!!

  8. Vanilla - Same here, oh the memories =)

    Claire - You should read these books, they are amazing =)

    Krystal - Me too =) The books the most

    Girl in Oslo - Same here =)

    Twenty.Something - In my opinion, films can never really be compared to the books, the books are always better =)

    Skybiker - I have never heard about that, how interesting =)

    Irina - Thank you for your sweet comment =)


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