Sunday, 10 October 2010

The ultimate packing list a la Johanne

This summer I went on this amazing trip with my best friend Johanne. We travelled for four weeks together before we met our boyfriends in Los Angeles, and spent the next three weeks with them in America. We experienced so much and we have memories for a life time, but we also learned quite a lot during those weeks. How and what to pack is one thing, and Johanne has this amazing packing list on her blog. I thought this was worth sharing with people, as it really is the ultimate packing list. I could not agree more with what to bring. So please read the list on this page and print it out:

My mom has always told me that the most important thing to remember when you’re travelling is your passport, money and credit cards. These are always the first that goes in my purse as I am terrified to forget it. Also, for me it is viral that I remember my iPod and iPod charger as I get easily motion sick and this is my best medicine. Remember to always charge it the night before you leave and then you’re set for your trip.
When you travel long distance the planes almost always have your own personal TV screen where you can chose to watch a wide range of different movies. I think it is brilliant that they have this, as there are always some children on a plane and this keeps them busy for a period of time.

If you are planning to go on a trip for a long period of time, it is rather difficult to know what and how to pack. This sure was a problem for me, as I have never packed for seven weeks in a backpack. But Johanne and I came up with something smart as we were planning our trip; we packed clothes that we were not worried about and that we could just throw away as we bought new clothes during our trip. I bet that everyone has some clothes in their closet that they don’t really use anymore, but you can’t seem to throw them away. These are the clothes that you bring on such a trip, as you would not be sad if they get broken or something. When I bought a new top I threw away an old one, and like this my backpack would not get overfilled. When I came home to Norway after these seven weeks I don’t think I had any of the old clothes that I brought with me that I had already planned to throw away. So if you’re planning to travel, then I hope these tips were helpful. They sure helped me this summer.

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