Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Lion King - The Musical

Ida and I have been talking about seeing this musical for years, so of course we had to see it now that she is finally in London. I have seen it once before with my parents and my brothers, but I did not hesitate in saying yes when she asked me if I wanted to see it again.
Everyone knows the story about the little lion cub that runs away from home and experiences some great adventure before returning home to fight for his family and his country. I really love the film, but the musical is a completely different experience of this well known story.
It starts with the powerful song “The circle of life” and it is sung by the person playing Rafiki. She has the most amazing voice I’ve ever heard, and it really is the perfect start of a perfect evening.
The cast of this musical truly is talented. The children playing young Simba and Nala are very gifted to be so young, and because they are young there are four different boys and girls playing these characters on different nights. I think that is great considering how young they are, but what a start on their career. As I have seen this musical twice, I have seen it with two different Simbas and Nalas, and I was not disappointed in either of them.
The music if very powerful throughout the musical and the voices singing has a magic that you can only find here. My personal favourite is when Rafiki is singing “He lives in you”. It can bring out a tear in the most sceptical person. (See youtube video below)
What is Lion King without Timon and Pumbaa? Nothing, and of course they brought some humour and charm to the show. Next to the goose bumps you had the chance to laugh, and that really means that this musical has everything.
I would recommend Lion King to everyone, young and old, boy or girl. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed. The cast, the sets and the special effects truly are breathtaking and I promise that it will be a night to remember and that you will be able to feel the love that night.

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