Thursday, 21 October 2010

Chicago - the musical

We’ve all seen the film and I bet we all loved it, so when my mom and I went to New York two years ago I insisted that we saw Chicago in the theatre. And I have to say I was so glad we did!
The story is about Velma Kelly and Roxy Hart who has both murdered their husband and their lover and they both end up in women’s block in Cook County Jail. And this is the place where all that jazz is playing out. They all claim that they didn’t do it, and they are then trying to convince the city of Chicago the same thing.

Around this plot there are some amazing songs, such as “All that jazz”, “When you’re good to mama”, and my person favourite “The cell block tango”. The songs of this musical are one of a kind, and the voices singing them are very strong and powerful.
Next to Velma Kelly and Roxy Hart you have some very funny characters playing next to them. You instantly love and hate the girls’ lawyer Billy Flynn, and the matron of Cook County Jail “mama” Morton, well, let’s be glad she isn’t our mama.
I find the story quite original, because it is a well known subject with females being criminals and claiming they didn’t do it, but I feel that in this musical they have managed to set the story to make us believe that the criminal celebrities are worth fighting for. In the end you are on the women’s side, and not the state. At least I was, they razzle dazzled me with their costumes, dance moves and songs.
According to Chicago’s home page, this musical has been honoured with 6 Tony Awards, 2 Oliver Awards, a Grammy and thousands of standing ovations. It has become world known, and you can see it on stage in New York, London, Mexico City and so many other places. I really love this musical, and in my opinion I think the musical is ten times better than the film. So put on your high heel shoes and prepare to sing along, because in my opinion this is a musical definitely worth seeing. It really is all that jazz!


  1. Hei Camilla,jeg har sett Chicago på film.Kjempebra syns jeg...Men ingenting slår en musical...Det er så fint! Og så er de så utrolig flinke de som er med at man blir helt matt. Du skriver veldig interessante å fine innlegg Camilla. Jeg leser hvert eneste ett av dem. Her er det vinter å iskaldt nå.Klem fra Karin

  2. Heihei. Nei ingenting slår en Musical! Så neste gang du er i London så bør du se denne, spesielt om du likte filmen.
    Så koslig å høre at du leser innleggene mine og at du liker dem. Gleder meg til jula slik at vi kan møtes og snakke mer da. Klemklem


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