Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Celebrity Tour in Los Angeles

Earlier I wrote about when we visited Universal Studios in Los Angeles, so I thought it was about time to write about the celebrity tour Kjell Steinar and I went on. It lasted for two hours and it was so much fun. Not only did we get to see some big and beautiful houses, but we also got to see Los Angeles quite a lot. But the one thing we did not see was any celebrities.

The tour started at the walk of fame, outside the Chinese Theatre. We were about 11 people on a minibus and it was a beautiful day to go sightseeing. It was actually very hot so I would recommend putting on a lot of sunscreen if you get easily sunburned and you’re going on such a sightseeing trip. (Please learn from my mistake!)

On the bus we were using headphones, and the driver was our guide and he was talking to us and telling us stories during the entire trip. The guide we had was a lot of fun, and he definitely knew what he was talking about.  The first place he drove us to was Beverly Hills, and that’s where I want to be. It was so beautiful there, and you could tell that the people living there cared about the appearance of their neighbourhood. Even the street signs were different here and, if you can say more beautiful, than the rest of LA. I would say that it is like we’ve seen it on “Beverly Hills 90210”.

Beverly Wilshire Hotel
“Pretty Woman” is one of my favourite films, and when we were driving down Rodeo Drive I almost screamed, especially when we drove past the hotel where Richard Gere and Julia Roberts were staying in the film. I also guess it was a good thing that we were driving down this street and not walking, because it was a lot of expensive stores there and for someone who loves shopping that is dangerous for my credit card. We even drove past a store that did not have a name outside, and our wonderful guide told us that if you don’t know the name of that store than you can’t afford to buy anything there. This store is Prada, ladies and gentlemen, and our guide was right in the statement that we cannot afford anything there.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's house
Finally it was the time of the sightseeing where we were driving past the houses of celebrities. The first house that we saw was Richard Gere’s, which was perfect considering we’d just seen his hotel. All of the houses that we saw had gates and fences, and of course that is understandable. After Gere’s house we saw the house that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt used to live in. It was a beautiful house and the people living there now are very lucky, in my opinion. Following Aniston and Pitt’s house we went to the Bel Air house, where the fresh prince of Bel Air used to live. At least in the series, that is. So far it had been a lot of fun, but when we stopped outside the house where Michael Jackson lived and died it was a very emotional moment. What we had just seen in the newspapers and on the news we were now seeing in real life, and on the stop sign next to his house someone had written “This is it”.

These were my favourite houses that we saw, but we also saw the houses where Christina Aguilera, David Beckham and Dr. Phil are living, just to mention a few more. And our sightseeing ended at the famous Hollywood sign where we got an amazing view over LA.
If you are going to LA I would recommend going on a celebrity sightseeing tour, as it is a lot of fun and you get to see a lot of LA at the same time. Kjell Steinar and I sure had a lot of fun, and if I ever go to LA again I might do this again, and hopefully Dr. Phil will step out of his house and say hi to us then. 
Driving down Rodeo Drive
Rodeo Drive baby
Fresh Prince of Bel Air House
Michael Jackson's house
Dr. Phil's house
Christina Aguilera's house
Famous concert house on Sunset Blvd
Kjell Steinar and I with the Hollywood sign behind us

All of the pictures are my own


  1. Alle som ikke tar en celebrity tour når de er i Hollywood kan egentlig bare la være å dra dit. Hvorfor drar man dit egentlig?! :) Det var hvertfall mer enn verdt pengene, for å si det slik!

  2. Du har et glimrende poeng der! Det var så absolutt verdt det, og jeg gjør det gjerne igjen :) Være med? ;)


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