Sunday, 13 February 2011

A woman's right to dance

I have always been interested in dancing and I am highly fascinated by people who can dance. Some of my favourite films are about dancing; Dirty Dancing, Step Up 1 & 2, Honey, Take the Lead and Flashdance are just a few. The way the dancers move to the music is amazing and you can tell that this is their passion. I’m not a dancer myself but I still love to dance and perhaps in another lifetime I could try to pursue it, but for now I will watch and enjoy the people who can dance. My boyfriend showed me this video below a couple of days ago and I was instantly spellbound by how they move. Just watch the video; I think it is very good. Enjoy! 


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh hot! I loved this! Fabolous dancers. The music was so cool too. I have great respect for dancers, we're in the same business you know: True passion with slim chances to get a job.

  2. I know, they were so great! The song is by Usher! I have become so addicted to it, hihi. And you are so right, we really are in the same business.

  3. This is great! Makes me want to dance, if only my body wasn't protesting after dancing last night. I'm getting too old for that haha! Love dancing though, can't get enough!

  4. Makes me want to dance too. So you went dancing last night, that sounds like so much fun! I usually dance too much when I'm out so I am absolutely exhausted the next day, haha. But I guess that means you're having a good time =)

  5. wow, what a great video!! i love dancing movies too so this was right up my alley!

    cute and little

  6. Ohhhh! I have seen all those movies and they are some of my favorite dance movies too! I love dance movies, mostly because it is something I CANNOT do, but would love for it to have be a natural talent of mine. lol. I recently saw Burlesque, and the dancing in that was just as fabulous!

  7. I love dancing!! Such a good work out...especially in heels!

  8. LOVE!!! Nothing like dancing and especially when they do it really well.
    Did you see Step up? I think thats the movie. lol.
    Really fun one!
    XXXXX to you! Emily from EL Vintage

  9. Kileen - Glad to hear you enjoyed the video =) It is right up my alley too =)

    AubrieAnne - I also love dance films, they are so good and I sometimes catch myself dreaming that I could be that good. But I haven't been doing much professional dancing in my years growing up so I think I'll just stick to my dream, lol. I really want to see Burlesque, but I haven't yet =)

    Twenty.Something - Dancing in high heels is the best workout! I love wearing heels so if I go clubbing then it is dancing all night long in my favourite shoes =)

    Styleforlife - Step Up 1&2 are two of my favourite films, I absolutely love them! The music and the dancing is fantastic! I haven't seen the third one yet, but as soon as it is out on sale I'll buy it on dvd =)

  10. Holy cow I LOVE this!! I wish I could move like that.. I wish I had any movement haha. I dance all the time to my own beat :)


    Thanks for sharing the video (or thank you to your boyfriend!!)


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