Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Dirty Dancing - The Musical

If you are looking for the perfect girls’ night out, then Dirty Dancing is the must-see musical in London. It has everything from the classical film and you can’t help but smile as you’re walking down memory lane on the summer of 1963.

The musical is being played at the Aldwych theatre in London, which is only a short walk from Covent Garden. This is also the nearest underground station. The show opened in 2006 and has become extremely popular.

I have always loved the film and my expectations were high to this musical. But it did not disappoint. The show was oozing sex appeal and the dancing was dirty and the cast was perfect. It was like seeing and hearing Baby and Johnny was the perfect bad boy that everyone wanted a piece of. For me it was important that the musical was sticking to the original story from the film and I was so pleased that they used all of the songs, the costumes, the dancing and that it actually had the dirty dancing magic. They had added a few scenes that were not from the film and it didn’t really give anything to the original story, but it didn’t bring it down either. Another thing that impressed me was the scenery. In the film the story is a lot outside and I was wondering how they would manage that, but they were truly creative and even managed to do the water scene without any water. I am not going to spoil how they did it, you simply have to go and see the show for yourself.

The dancing is always important in a musical but I felt that it was particularly important in this one. After all, it is called Dirty Dancing, and it was. The choreography was breathtaking and pulsating and having dancers that are this good totally makes the show. Some of them were even singing the famous songs and on the end you could not help but sing along to “I’ve had the time of my life”. Because last night that was true.

So put on your favourite dress and your shoes and take your best friend out on a night that none of you will forget. Because nobody puts Baby in a corner, and neither should you.

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  1. Ohh definitely need to see the Dirty Dancing musical! Looks great.

    Thanks for following... following you too!

  2. It was fantastic, I would like to see it again ;)

    Thanks for following =)

  3. Oh! I love dirty danceing and I love seeing live performances so I would be so into this!

    PS. The books list looks perfect. Thank you. I am off to link your blog to your name on the competitor's list and add the amount of books you have read thus far!

    AubrieAnne @

  4. i've still never got around to watching this! will definitely do so on my next night in.

  5. It sure was the perfect night out! I had the best time honey!

  6. Another fabulous reason to live in London! Sigh. :P

    This musical looks amazing. I wish I could see it! I adore the movie, so I'm pleased the stage version is just as wonderful.

    I hope you're having an amazing week. xoxo

  7. AubrieAnne - I am so into this, I could go to a musical everyday! But I can't really afford that though. But the show was amazing so if you have time to see it you should =)

    BenchesandChandeliers - You really should. It is amazing! I promise you will have a great night =)

    Comewhinewithme - It really was. Thank you so much again, I had a great time. Can't believe how quickly the night went though.

    Jennifer Fabulous - So true, London is wonderful on so many levels. And the musical really was amazing =)
    Hope you're having a great week too!

  8. That would be SO amazing to go see!! It was my favorite movie when I was little...which is funny because I had no idea what was really going on until I watched it one day as an adult and was like, OHHH that's why they called the doctor...among other things, haha :)

  9. Then I suggest that you come to London and see it. It really was a great musical. I watched it god knows how many times when I was younger, and it was the same with me. I didn't really understand everything until I became older, but I have always enjoyed the dancing part. Now that is something everyone at all ages understand is good ;)

  10. wish i could see this. this is one of my favorite movies. glad you enjoyed it!

  11. LOve musicals! I took my sister to see this with some friends for her 40th birthday, we got a limo all the way to london (which isn't as expensive as it sounds, worked out less per head than the train!) I was amazed how like the film it was, it was like the actors had studied the characters and got them spot on loved it!!

  12. Oomph - You should definitely see it sometimes. It is one of my favourite films too so this musical was a must-see for me.

    Claire - What an amazing gift! Must have been the perfect night out with a limo and musical and everything. And I totally agree, it really seemed like they had studied the characters from the film. Simply amazing!

  13. Amazing !!
    check my blog ;)
    you can follow me if you want :)


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