Thursday, 3 February 2011

Our planet: The Earth

I realise I have been writing quite a bit about travelling lately, but as you have probably guessed travelling is one of my greatest passions. Travelling gives me a rush like nothing else. To be able to go to someplace new and experience the hidden secrets that are there is simply amazing. I have been very lucky because my parents have taken me around because they like travelling too and in the last years I have been saving money myself in order to travel where I want to.

My boyfriend and I were actually talking about the world and travelling last week and he mentioned that he would like to go to Italy some day. I could not help but smile because I have always loved Italy. Italy has always been my thing. Now it was time for my boyfriend to smile and even laugh a bit. And then he told me: “Honey, the world it your thing. It’s not just one country.” I could not help but to laugh myself, because on one level it is the truth. I love the planet we are living on because of all the wonders there is everywhere. But it makes me sad to think about what we are doing to our planet.

Almost everyday you will find stories about terrorism or something that has to do with destroying landmarks. Just look at what is happening in Egypt these days. It is not terrorism but tourists are being evacuated and Norwegian travel agencies have cancelled all travelling to Egypt until Easter. And talking about terrorism; just look at what happened in Moscow a couple of weeks ago and in Stockholm just before Christmas. Eventually people don’t want to travel anymore or even go outside their own house because they are scared of what can happen. Is this really a world we want to live in?

Global warming is another problem. Our planet is quickly changing and our climate is suffering. The earth is slowly becoming warmer which are causing problems around the world. Scientists are worried that there will be no ice on the North Pole in the end because of arctic warming. The melting of the poles is the most dramatic effects of global warming and it is also causing trouble for animals such as polar bears.

Polar bears and their habitat should be melting beautiful, not melting away.

Stephen Fry said this during the Copenhagen climate change summit and I thought it was a great saying. It makes us think about what is happening to our beautiful planet.

Of course these are only a few issues that are concerning the planet and it is difficult to know what to do. Some things we simply cannot do anything with at this point but the fact that there are people who are consciously destroying our planet and the people are heartbreaking. I have to admit that I’m scared of what is happening these days but I guess I can only hope that the worst has happened and that it will be better. We deserve to feel safe, no matter where in the world we are.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)I totally agree, just wish I could do more about it

    Love, Vanilla

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment :) Wish I could do more too.

  3. Interesting posts! such eye openner.



  4. Hi girl...
    So this will be a long ass comment...
    But I will try and give you my honest answer. Now keep in mind..
    I am NOT perfect,never studied journalism or taken any kind of course in online marketing/new social media...

    All bloggers think differently when it comes to blogging:)
    But here are my thoughts, and you can read more here...
    Forget the name of the link just copy paste:) this will be an essay...
    When I first started my blog somewhat 2 years ago.
    There was no real system to the work I did, no real plan...
    You need a plan...the better plan you have..the easier it is for your readers to understand were you are going...or want to go with your work:)
    If that makes sense...?

    I am wanting to start my own business online, and I want my blogging to showcase that what did I do...I changed everything...layout/deleted almost 100 filler posts (filler posts=bullshit posts that does not add any real value to you,and your site.
    I changed colors, heading, took away all irrelevant widgets, and was left with only the once that can really in my my work site forward...
    If your goal is to have a site that looks professional, and it looks like you really know what you are doing...
    Cut away everything that only add noise, and focus on quality...
    What do you want people/employers to say about your site when they see it online...?

    Really focus on good quality posts...and only post something when you have thought things really through...
    If you want a real quality takes real work,and many hours:)
    What I have learned is that the more serious you are about this, the more work it becomes:) I work on my blog EVERY DAY!

    Hope that helped, and if you have any more questions...feel free to contact me, and I will try and answer as best as I can:)

    Have a great evening.

  5. Not quite beautiful - glad you enjoyed the post =)

    Girl about Oslo - thank you so much for all the advice. Really appreciate you taking your time to write it all and help me. Means a lot =)

    Have a great day =)


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