Sunday, 9 January 2011

Back in London, baby!

The holiday is over and it sure was about to return to my favourite city; London. Kjell Steinar and I got up at 5am this morning, as our flight was at 07.45am. That is too early, and I’m sitting in my flat now in my living room and I cannot believe how tired I am. It is going to be an early night tonight.

It was actually rather strange to come back. It was snowing in Norway today when we were leaving and it was about -4 degrees Celsius. As we were approaching Britain and London, it did not feel like early January. The sun was shining, it was 5 degrees and it almost felt like spring outside. Of course in my flat it was freezing. No one has been here for three weeks, and we could tell. But now that I have unpacked and am relaxing, it feels amazing to be back.

About 30 minutes or so after takeoff, Kjell Steinar and I witnessed the most amazing sunrise I have ever seen. Unfortunately I was unable to take any pictures of it, and I really wish I could have. But please trust me, it truly was spectacular and I actually envy the pilots for being able to see something as beautiful as that sunrise when they are at work. In my opinion it is worth getting up early for.

Uni starts again tomorrow, and then it is back to course work and a lot of essay writing. This is my last semester before I’m finished, which is kind of scary but at the same time I can’t wait. So while I’m studying I will also be continuing to write about my amazing holiday from last summer here on my blog, and I have also started to plan what other remarkable matter I can write about. London, shoes, travel and perfume are just a few of the upcoming contributions. Have a great evening, everyone. 


  1. Hi girl...
    Sounds like you had a very nice time in the cold/rainy/snowy Norway:)
    Have a great week at uni, and be a great student...

    I am going back to school for the semester as well ...:)
    Scary but fun:)

    Have a great Sunday - there is a girl going to bed early in Norway as well:)


  2. Hi!
    Thank you, I did indeed have a great time in Norway =) But it sure feels good to be back in London, I've missed it.

    Good luck with everything and keep up the good work =)

    Good night (when that time comes)


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